Pivot Game House LLC
Patent # 14/121,342

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The Pivot Game House is manufactured by farmers for farmers. Designed to be easily hung by one man; The house can be removed or remain year after year without damage to crops. Keep hard to move or permanent tower blinds out of your fields. At the push of a button, you can be down wind and at the exact spot where game are feeding.... Like to hunt but don’t want to miss your favorite football game….Ask for the optional "120 VOLT ELECTRICAL PACKAGE" and enjoy the game in a thermostatically controlled space or preset the thermostat the night before and enjoy the morning hunt in the comforts of home. The irrigation pivot is part of the natural habitat of wild game, so don't let the weather or conveniences keep you in. Get out and enjoy hunting in a Pivot Game House built just for you.

                                                    HOG HEAVEN II (Camo)


  • Aluminum framing that folds upward for off season keep
  • Initial setup requires less than an hour / setup for subsequent years requires minutes
  • Water proof custom tent. (4 x 6) 
  • (4) 36 x 8 windows that offer wind and silhouette break
  • Adjustable vertically and horizontally for ease of leveling 
  • Gun rails on all windows
  • Snap in shelf
  • Large porch for safe entry and exit
  • 120 Volt electrical package, 20 amp circuit (optional)

  • Fits Renke, Zimmatic, Valley,T- L, Pierce, etc.
  • Never lose power to rechargeable devices with optional electrical package
  • Thermostatic control of space temperature with electrical package 
  • NO concerns of carbon monoxide poisoning from fuel burning appliances with optional electrical package
  • Keeps hard to move or permanent tower stands out of your field 
  • No accumulation of ice or snow with optional electrical package
  • Always be downwind with 360 degree hunting choice of many acres
  • Safe for all ages
  • Night hunting where legal


   120 Volt Package (20 Amp)


          Hog Heaven II (Gray)


             Snap in shelving